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Actigall is used to treat small gallstones, to prevent gallstones, to treat primary biliary cirrhosis.

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it is based on the patented 2QR complex. This natural substance is extracted from medicinal plants. It consists of bioactive polysaccharides. It has a unique ability to block the adhesion mechanism of harmful bacteria and thus neutralizes the action of these bacteria. This blocking effect is absolutely safe and harmless, because it is not caused by toxic substances or aggressive chemicals. Therefore, the complex does not have negative side effects. In addition to the main property that allows you to block harmful bacteria, Multi-Gene ActiGel gel strengthens the natural regenerative ability of tissues and improves the condition of the mucous membrane. It quickly restores the optimal acidity of the vagina (pH). Multi-Gel ActiGel promotes the growth of the number of beneficial lactobacilli (lactic acid bacteria), as a result of which it creates an optimal and natural microflora that prevents the appearance of discomfort.


You can use Multi-Gin ActiGel Gel as often as you like, whenever you experience or wish to prevent such types of discomfort as itching, hypersensitivity or irritation. In case of Bacterial Vaginosis, accompanied by unwanted secretions and / or odor, inject the gel into the vagina at least twice a day for 5 days. For the prevention of unwanted secretions, odor and related complaints, it is enough to apply the gel once every three days. With more frequent use of the drug, the effectiveness increases. It is recommended to apply the gel before going to bed. During unprotected sexual intercourse, the acidity (pH) of the vagina is disturbed. Use Multi-Gin ActiGel gel for 8 hours after sexual intercourse to restore the optimal pH of the vagina and prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor. In case of vaginal discomfort, which can manifest as itching, irritation, sensitivity, redness and soreness, apply the Multi-Gin ActiGel gel liberally at least once a day and every time it is necessary to eliminate discomfort. After applying the gel, you may experience a slight tingling. This is normal, and these feelings will quickly disappear. Multi-Gene ActiGel is completely safe and can be used without restrictions. It can be used in combination with any medications. In case of prolonged or repeated complaints, it is necessary to consult a doctor. The course of application of the Multi-Gene ActiGel gel should not exceed 30 days so that the vaginal microflora can self-regulate without the support of drugs. With discomfort of the external genitalia (vulva) You can apply Multi-Gin ActiGel gel with your finger (you should definitely wash your hands before applying). For oral administration, you can use a special applicator. It is included in the kit and screwed onto the tube. With the applicator, you can inject the gel into the vagina. After use, you can leave the applicator on the tube by rinsing it with warm water and then putting the cap on it. The remedy can also be injected inside with a finger. To do this, wash your hands and apply the gel on the index finger in an amount that should be at least the size of the tip of the index finger. Insert your finger into the vagina.

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