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Adalat is a called calcium channel blocker which heals high blood pressure and chest pain.

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Dosage regimen

The method of application and dosage regimen of a particular drug depend on its form of release and other factors. The optimal dosage regimen is determined by the doctor. It is necessary to strictly observe the compliance of the used dosage form of a particular drug with the indications for use and the dosage regimen. Individual. For oral administration, the initial dose is 10 mg 3-4 times / day. If necessary, the dose is gradually increased to 20 mg 3-4 times / day. In special cases (variant angina pectoris, severe arterial hypertension), the dose can be increased to 30 mg 3-4 times / day for a short time. To relieve a hypertensive crisis, as well as an attack of angina pectoris, 10-20 mg (rarely 30 mg) can be used sublingually. IV for relief of an attack of angina pectoris or hypertensive crisis – 5 mg for 4-8 hours. Intracoronary for the relief of acute spasms of the coronary arteries, a bolus of 100-200 mcg is administered. With stenosis of large coronary vessels, the initial dose is 50-100 mcg. Maximum daily doses: when taken orally – 120 mg, with intravenous administration – 30 mg.

Side effect

From the cardiovascular system: hyperemia of the skin, a feeling of warmth, tachycardia, arterial hypotension, peripheral edema; rarely – bradycardia, ventricular tachycardia, asystole, increased angina attacks. From the digestive system: nausea, heartburn, diarrhea; rarely – deterioration of liver function; in isolated cases – gum hyperplasia. With prolonged use in high doses, dyspeptic symptoms, increased activity of hepatic transaminases, intrahepatic cholestasis are possible. From the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system: headache. With prolonged use in high doses, paresthesia, muscle pain, tremor, mild visual disturbances, sleep disorders are possible. From the hematopoiesis system: in isolated cases – leukopenia, thrombocytopenia. From the urinary system: increase in daily diuresis. With prolonged use in high doses, renal dysfunction may occur. From the endocrine system: in isolated cases – gynecomastia. Allergic reactions: skin rash. Local reactions: with intravenous administration, burning may occur at the injection site. Within 1 min after intracoronary administration, a negative inotropic effect of nifedipine, an increase in heart rate, arterial hypotension may occur; these symptoms gradually disappear after 5-15 min.

Contraindications to use

Arterial hypotension (systolic blood pressure below 90 mmHg), collapse, cardiogenic shock, severe heart failure, severe aortic stenosis; hypersensitivity to nifedipine.

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