Apcalis SX Oral Jelly

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Apcalis SX Oral Jelly helps to achieve good erection during sexual intercourse. It works improving blood flow in the penis relaxing arterial smooth muscles. It works only when sexual stimulation is present.

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Tablets are a modern drug for eliminating problems with impaired potency.  Generic APCALIS SX 20 can be taken once to improve potency before sexual contact or a course for the treatment of erectile problems and impotence. The drug is good because it can be used at any time of the day and is compatible with alcohol. The effectiveness of Apkalis CX 20 depends on the dosage and frequency of administration. APCALIS SX 20 is an analogue of Cialis 20, a popular American erection pills. The composition of Cialis and Generic is the same. Both drugs in the bulk contain tadalafil, which has successfully manifested itself in the treatment and prevention of insufficient potency. The only difference is that the manufacturer of the drug is Ajanta Pharma pharmacological plant (India), and Cialis is a product of a well-known American corporation and with large advertising budgets. For this reason, the price of APCALIS SX 20 is significantly lower than the price of Cialis.

The principle of operation of Generic Cialis

The main active substance in the composition of Cialis APCALIS SX 20 is a selective reversible inhibitor of Tadalafil, a generic of Tadalafil. It acts directly on the spongy erectile tissue at the moment of sexual arousal involving an erection of the penis. Under the influence of Tadalafil, the tone of the smooth muscles of the arteries decreases, the penis receives more blood and as a result, a stable erection appears. After application, do not be afraid of an involuntary erection, it occurs only during natural arousal. No one will know that you have taken the drug.   The male pathogen Apkalis 20 maintains the ability to normal potency for 36 hours from the moment of taking the pill. At this time, you can repeatedly engage in sexual intercourse and have a stable erection. After undergoing a full course of treatment, the positive effect in the form of the absence of erection problems persists for a year. Next, a repeat course is recommended.

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