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Buspar is an antidepressant used to treat anxiety disorders.

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Side effects

Side effects when ingested From the nervous system and sensory organs: dizziness (12%), drowsiness (10%), headache (6%), nervousness (5%), fatigue (4%), sleep disturbance (3%), decreased ability to concentrate (2%); extrapyramidal disorders (very rare); ≤2% — blurred vision, confusion or depression, weakness, numbness; ≤ 1%— neurological symptoms (muscle weakness, tingling, pain or weakness in the arms or legs, uncontrolled movements of the trunk). From the cardiovascular system and blood (hematopoiesis, hemostasis): ≤ 1%- tachycardia / strong heartbeat. From the gastrointestinal tract: nausea (8%), dry mouth (3%), diarrhea (2%); ≤ 1% – vomiting, constipation; decreased appetite. Other: <1%- myalgia, cramps, cramps or muscle rigidity, rash, sweating.


Hypersensitivity to any component of the drug; severe renal insufficiency (glomerular filtration rate (GFR) – below 10 ml/min); severe hepatic insufficiency (PV – more than 18 s); simultaneous use of MAO inhibitors or a 14-day period after the withdrawal of an irreversible MAO inhibitor, or 1 day after the withdrawal of a reversible MAO inhibitor; glaucoma; myasthenia gravis; lactation; pregnancy or suspected pregnancy; age up to 18 years (safety and efficacy of buspirone for this age group have not been proven). With caution: cirrhosis of the liver, renal failure.

Use during pregnancy and lactation, fertility

Due to the lack of properly controlled clinical trial data, the use of buspiron during pregnancy is possible only if the benefits of the drug justify the possible risks. Women of childbearing age should use adequate methods of contraception during the course of treatment with buspiron, since the safety of buspiron during pregnancy has not been proven. Buspirone is excreted in breast milk. Sufficient data from clinical studies of the use of buspiron during breastfeeding are not available, therefore, nursing mothers are not recommended to take this drug.

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