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Chloromycetin is used to treat serious infectious diseases such as meningitis, rickettsial disease, salmonellosis and anaerobic infections.

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In/in (jet slow) or in/m.

Adults – 0.5-1 g per injection 2-3 times a day. In severe forms of infections (including typhoid fever, peritonitis) in a hospital setting, it is possible to increase the dose to 3-4 g / day.

The maximum daily dose is 4 g.

Children are prescribed under the control of the concentration of the drug in the blood serum, depending on age: infants and older – 12.5 mg / kg (base) every 6 hours or 25 mg / kg (base) every 12 hours, with severe disease – 75-100 mg / kg (base) / day.

Solutions are prepared immediately before injection.

For intravenous administration, the contents of a 0.5 g vial are dissolved in 2.5 ml, the contents of a 1 g vial are dissolved in 5 ml of 5 or 40% glucose solution or water for injection. Patients suffering from diabetes, the drug is administered in a 0.9% sodium chloride solution.

With intravenous administration, the volume of the solvent is usually 2-3 ml per 1 g of antibiotic. 0.25–0.5% solutions of novocaine can be used as a solvent of the drug used in / m.

The average duration of treatment is 8-10 days.

Externally, apply a gauze swab to the damaged areas of the skin directly or by impregnating with liniment. It can be used with an occlusive dressing. The dressing is changed after 1-2 days, depending on the indications.

Nipple cracks — after each feeding, the nipples are washed with a 0.25% solution of ammonia, then a sterile napkin covered with a layer of liniment is applied to the crack.

Subcutaneously, sprayed from a distance of 20-30 cm for 1-3 seconds 2-3 times a week; with severe lesions, the drug can be used daily.

Externally. The preparation is impregnated with sterile gauze napkins, which loosely fill the wound. It is possible to inject into purulent cavities through a catheter (drainage tube) using a syringe. In this case, the ointment is preheated to 35-36 ° C. Bandages are performed daily, until the wound is completely cleansed of purulent-necrotic masses.

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