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Clomid is a drug that is used in gynecological practice to treat female infertility. Clomid belongs to the group of antiestrogens – it reduces the production of estrogens. Clomid (Clomiphene) stimulates follicular maturation, ovulation and blood estradiol levels. To buy Clomid, simply go to your online pharmacy to place your order. You can buy Clomid cheaply and without a prescription.

Clomid is a fertility drug, used to stimulate FSH and LH production and hereby the ovaries to produce eggs in ovarian disorders.

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How Clomid works?

Clomid contains the main active ingredient, clomiphene, which blocks receptors that receive estrogens in the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that controls the body’s hormones). As a result, the production of gonadotropic hormones (follicle-stimulating and luteinizing) increases, which activate maturation and the intrasecretory (endocrine) function of the follicle in the ovaries. As a result of all the above processes, the use of the Clomid drug leads to the fact that the level of estradiol in the blood increases significantly.

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What are estrogens?

This is a group of female steroid hormones that are produced mainly in the ovaries. Men also have low levels of estrogen in the blood, which are produced by the testes and adrenal glands (in both sexes). Estrogens are classified into three types: estrone, estriol, and estradiol. Clomid has a particular effect on blood estradiol levels.

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Functions of estrogens:


This means that thanks to estrogens, a woman has a feminine appearance. In adolescence, these hormones are actively produced and form secondary sexual characteristics (breasts, buttocks, abdomen, female-pattern hair, the growth of internal and external genital organs).


The group of estrogen hormones activates the production of mucus in the vagina, as well as its epithelialization, which creates the necessary conditions for maintaining the viability of sperm.

Estrogens stimulate the maturation of the egg (follicle) and the onset of ovulation, during which the mature egg is released from the ovary and it can be fertilized by the sperm.

Further, after ovulation, in the event that fertilization has occurred, estrogens are responsible for the preservation of the ovum, blood supply to the placenta and preparation of the mammary gland of the expectant mother for lactation.

If the fertilization of the egg by the sperm does not occur, these hormones activate the detachment of the inner layer of the uterus (endometrium) and, as a result, menstruation begins. Other effects of estrogens include the regulation of calcium levels, blood cholesterol, blood pressure, liver function, and mental alertness.

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Causes and Symptoms of Decreased Estrogen

The main reason that the level of estrogen in the blood of a woman decreases is the lack of activity of the ovaries, which produce them. As the body ages, their deficiency is also noted. An important reason may be various pathological changes on the part of the pituitary gland.

Sometimes there is a decrease in the level of estrogen in women who go in for professional sports, when physical stress on the body is excessive. This phenomenon occurs due to the fact that testosterone (male hormone) is intensively produced.

Another important point is the presence or absence of adipose tissue. It has been proven that estrogens are also produced by fat cells. This means that exhaustion or drastic weight loss is extremely dangerous for the female body, namely for its reproductive capacity.

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Symptoms arising from estrogen deficiency

In adolescence, a lack of estrogen leads to insufficient development of secondary sexual characteristics, a decrease in the size of the uterus, late onset and disruptions in the menstrual cycle.

In the reproductive age, a decrease in estrogen levels provokes a decrease in sexual desire, sudden mood swings, various irregularities in the duration and other indicators of the menstrual cycle.

At the same time, memory and performance decrease, insomnia appears and the condition of the skin worsens (its elasticity, color, turgor). Stretch marks, pigmentation, and inflammatory rashes appear on the skin.

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Indications for the use of the drug Clomid

According to the instructions for use of the drug, it is prescribed for the following conditions:

  • infertility caused by the lack of ovulation;
  • galactorrhea – spontaneous pathological outflow of milk from the breast, which is not associated with feeding the child and occurs as a result of pituitary neoplasms;
  • amenorrhea – prolonged absence of menstruation; dysfunctional uterine bleeding (metrorrhagia);
  • androgenic insufficiency (hypogonadism) – insufficient production of steroid hormones by the sex glands;
  • polycystic ovary disease;
  • oligospermia in men, a condition in which the quality and activity of spermatozoa decreases;
  • disruption of the pituitary gland.

How to take Clomid?

The drug use regimens are different and depend on the pathology.

As indicated in the instructions for use of the drug, to stimulate the ovulation process, Clomid is prescribed in a dose of 50 milligrams, once a day, before bedtime.

The course of taking the drug begins on the fifth day of the menstrual cycle and lasts five days. In situations where there is no menses at all, you can start taking the drug at any time prescribed by the doctor.

With ineffectiveness and the absence of the onset of ovulation, the dose of Clomid can be increased to 150 milligrams per day, or the course of treatment can be extended to ten days.

There is a special indication in the instructions, which says that the total course dose of the drug should not exceed 1 gram.

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How to tell if Clomid is effective?

It is necessary to determine the presence of ovulation. For this, there are several fairly simple techniques that a woman can perform herself at home.

This is a temperature method or basal temperature measurement, a method of ovulation tests. Additionally, the levels of hormones (luteinizing, progesterone, etc.) are determined.

In cases where the menstrual cycle has improved, but pregnancy does not occur, it is recommended to repeat the course of taking this drug in the same therapeutic dosage.

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