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Fosamax is used to treat and prevent postmenopausal and steroid-induced osteoporosis, it stimulates formation of the bones, increases their mineral density.

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Pharmacological action

Bone resorption inhibitor. Aminobisphosphonate, is an analog of pyrophosphate. The mechanism of action is associated with the suppression of osteoclast activity. It stimulates osteogenesis, restores a positive balance between bone resorption and restoration, progressively increases bone mineral density (regulates phosphorus-calcium metabolism), promotes the formation of bone tissue with a normal histological structure.

Side effect

From the digestive system: pain in the epigastric region; rarely – constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, dysphagia. From the side of metabolism: asymptomatic hypocalcemia. Dermatological reactions: skin rash, erythema. Other: headache, myalgia. Contraindications to use Esophageal stricture, achalasia, inability of the patient to stand or sit upright for at least 30 minutes after taking the drug, hypocalcemia, hypersensitivity to alendronic acid.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Adequate and strictly controlled clinical studies on the safety of the use of alendronic acid during pregnancy and lactation have not been conducted. If necessary, breastfeeding should be discontinued during lactation. In experimental studies on rats, it was shown that alendronic acid at doses of 2 mg/ kg / day and above causes discoordination of labor activity due to hypocalcemia; at doses of more than 5 mg/ kg / day, a decrease in fetal weight was noted.

Use in cases of impaired renal function

It is not recommended for use in severe renal impairment.

Special instructions

It is not recommended for use in severe renal impairment, as well as in children. With caution, it is used for gastrointestinal diseases in the acute phase. Before starting treatment, patients with impaired mineral metabolism should undergo a complete correction. The interval between taking alendronic acid and other drugs should be at least 1 hour.

Drug interaction

When taken orally with other medications and products containing calcium, the absorption of alendronic acid is disrupted. In postmenopausal women who received estrogens, there were no side effects associated with the use of alendronic acid. In clinical studies, an increase in the frequency of adverse reactions from the digestive system was observed when using alendronic acid at a dose of more than 10 mg / day against the background of acetylsalicylic acid therapy.

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