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Geriforte is anti-stress herbal formulation, with anti-oxidant and rejuvenating effect.

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Indications for use

Relieves stress, physical and mental fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome.  Increases appetite, efficiency,  Strengthens the immune system;  Improves blood circulation;  Normalizes the functioning of the nervous and endocrine system;  Relieves the negative effects of stress;  Removes toxins and slags from the blood, liver and intestines;  Normalizes blood pressure;  Increases the amount of hemoglobin in the blood;  Lowers cholesterol in the blood;  Strengthens the heart muscle;  Strengthens hair, nails, teeth;  Increases the endurance of the body;  Reduces the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes;  Prevents the appearance of colds and viral diseases;  It is useful for physical and mental stress, improves attention and memory;  Has a rejuvenating effect on the body;  It tones the body, acts as an antidepressant;  Increases the reproductive functions of the body of men and women;  Improves the fermentation of the pancreas;  It is used after severe diseases and chemotherapy for general recovery of the body. Geriforte improves the condition of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems of the body, improving blood circulation and reducing the level of lipids in the blood. Regulates the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. Promotes the absorption of nutrients. Rejuvenates all body systems and the skin, preventing its age-related changes. It contains vitamins and minerals in a natural, easily digestible form. It is recommended to use it to strengthen the body, during the off-season, to recover from diseases, operations or chemotherapy. As an auxiliary, Geriforte is effective in the treatment of colds, tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus.


The recommended dose of Geriforte is 1 tablet twice a day. If the patient skips taking the pill, it is necessary to drink it as soon as possible, but the dosage should be doubled. There are no known effects of overdose, but contact your doctor as soon as possible if you experience unusual symptoms. Consult your doctor about the correct dosage for you.

Side effects

Geriforte has no known side effects if the patient takes the dosage prescribed by the doctor.

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