Hair Loss Cream

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Hair Loss Cream improves hair growth and prevents hair loss.

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An effective cream to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth. The cream not only stops the processes that cause increased hair loss, but also increases the amount of new hair that appears during the active growth phase.  Himalaya Anti-hair loss cream slows down baldness, improves hair growth, prevents the appearance of gray hair and other signs of hair aging. Single-seeded butea extract (forest flame) restores the natural structure of the hair, prevents breakage and cross-section of the tips, increases the density and resistance of the hair to external influences. Butea superba is a natural anti-aging agent, stimulates metabolic processes in the cells of the scalp and hair, accelerates the regeneration of skin cells, promotes the preservation of natural hair color, increases their flexibility and elasticity.   A noticeable result is observed after 2 weeks of regular use of Himalaya Hair Loss Cream. With regular use of the product for 3 months, hair volume increases by up to 40%, and continued use (up to 6 months) will reduce hair loss by up to 70%.


Butea monosperma (Palasha) Butea parviflora (Palashabheda).

Method of application

Gently massage the cream into the scalp with your fingertips. Cover the entire scalp, in parts. For best results, leave overnight. If desired, rinse in the morning. Use daily. In case of severe hair loss, use twice a day. The cream can leave light stains on clothes. The stain is easily washed off with water. All products presented on the website in the section “Ayurvedic remedies”, they are not medicines and are not dietary supplements”, but refer to herbal supplements or bioactive dietary supplements. Before use, it is recommended to consult with an Ayurvedic specialist for an individual appointment.

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