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Sumatriptan is a drug used for treating migraine attacks.

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Relief of migraine attacks (with or without aura). Relief of acute migraine attacks (with and without aura). Relief of migraine attacks with or without aura.


Taking Imitrex tablets orally at a dose of more than 400 mg, or a single injection at a dose of 16 mg, or administration of Imitrex tablets once at a dose of 40 g intranasally did not cause any side effects, in addition to those listed above. Treatment: monitoring of the condition of patients for at least 10 hours, if necessary, standard maintenance therapy. There is no data on the effect of hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis on the concentration of sumatriptan in plasma. In case of overdose, the patient should be monitored for 10 hours, conducting symptomatic therapy if necessary. Symptoms: taking sumatriptan orally at a dose of more than 400 mg did not cause any side effects other than those listed above. Treatment: patients should be monitored for at least 10 hours and, if necessary, symptomatic therapy should be carried out. There is no data on the effect of hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis on the concentration of sumatriptan in plasma.

Side Effects

Get emergency medical attention if you have signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; Swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat. Stop using Imitrex and call your doctor if you have: Sudden and severe stomach pain and bloody diarrhea; Severe headache, knocking on the neck or ears, severe chest pain, shortness of breath, irregular heart contractions; Attack (convulsions); Circulatory problems – cramps in the hips or legs, tight or heavy feeling in the legs, numbness or tingling in the legs, muscle weakness, burning pain in the legs, pale or bluish appearance in your toes; Symptoms of a heart attack are chest pain or pressure, pain spreading to your jaw or shoulder, nausea, sweating; Signs of stroke – sudden numbness or weakness (especially on one side of the body), sudden severe headache, slurred speech, vision or balance problems; or High levels of serotonin in the body – arousal, hallucinations, fever, rapid heart rate, overactive reflexes, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of coordination, fainting.

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