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Lady Era improves woman sexuality, increases sensitivity to stimulation, allows to reach an intense sexual satisfaction.

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The specifics of the drug’s action

Blunting of physical attraction, difficulties with achieving orgasm, lack of excitability – all these are factors that cause serious violations and problems in sexual relations. А woman who does not get pleasure and does not feel the desire to engage in sexual contact, not only experiences physical discomfort, but also causes a man to be insecure about sexual viability. There is no need to put up with such a situation, since pharmacists have developed effective pills Lady Era, capable of coping with dysfunction in any of its manifestations and helping to achieve balance in relations. The main active ingredient used in the production of is sildenafil, which is successfully used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. In the female version, its formula is somewhat transformed, which is due to the need to adapt the substance to the needs of the female body. The reception of Lady Era is designed to restore normal blood supply, due to which it is possible: to increase the sensitivity of erogenous zones (genitals and breasts); to stimulate the growth of arousal and desire to engage in sexual contact; to ensure the activity of vaginal secretion; to relieve tightness and shyness.

Lady Era Review

Lady Era has solved both of my intimate problems. After childbirth, the muscles of the vagina weakened, and the desire against this background became almost zero. When I take a pill, several changes occur at once: there is a strong desire for intimacy, all sensations are aggravated, lubrication is produced and the muscles of the vagina are narrowed. I don’t notice any side effects, my heartbeat and blood pressure are normal. There is also no addiction – there are only 4 tablets in the blister, I save them and take them no more than once a week, the effectiveness of this does not decrease. Unfortunately, they cannot be mixed with alcohol, and if sex is planned after a romantic dinner, then you will have to do without wine.

45 reviews for Lady Era

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