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Lithobid is used to treat bipolar disorder.

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LITHOBID® (lithium carbonate) is indicated in the treatment of manic episodes of bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder, manic (DSM-IV) is equivalent to manic depressive illness, manic, in the older DSM-II terminology. LITHOBID® is also indicated as a maintenance therapy for a person diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Supportive therapy reduces the frequency of manic episodes and reduces the intensity of these episodes that can occur.

Typical symptoms of mania include speech pressure, motor hyperactivity, decreased need for sleep, flight of ideas, grandiosity of delight, poor judgment, aggressiveness and possibly hostility. When given to a patient experiencing a manic episode, lithium can lead to the normalization of symptoms within 1-3 weeks.

Instruction for use

Serum lithium concentrations in uncomplicated cases, maintenance therapy during remission should be monitored at least every two months. Patients abnormally sensitive to lithium may show toxic signs at serum concentrations from 1.0 to 1.5 mg-eq/L. Geriatric patients often respond to a reduced dose, and may show signs of toxicity at serum concentrations usually tolerated by other patients. In general, the choice of dose for an elderly patient should be careful, usually starting at the lower end of the dosage range, reflecting a greater frequency of decreased hepatic, renal or heart failure function and concomitant disease or other drug therapy.

Important considerations Blood samples for the determination of serum lithium should be carried out immediately before the next dose when lithium concentrations are relatively stable (i.e. 8-12 hours after the previous dose). Full dependence should not be placed only on serum concentrations. An accurate assessment of the patient requires both clinical and laboratory analysis.The extended-release LITHOBID® tablets must be swallowed whole and never chewed or crushed.

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