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Lozol is used to treat hypertension either alone or in combination with other high blood pressure medications.

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How to use?

Hypertension The adult initial dose of indapamide for hypertension is 1.25 mg as a single daily dose in the morning. If the response to 1.25 mg is unsatisfactory after four weeks, the daily dose can be increased to 2.5 mg taken once a day. If the response to 2.5 mg is not satisfactory after four weeks, the daily dose may be increased to 5.0 mg once a day, but with the addition of another antihypertensive should be considered. Edema of congestive heart failure The adult initial dose of indapamide for edema of congestive heart failure is 2.5 mg as a single daily dose in the morning. If the response to 2.5 mg is not satisfactory after a week, the daily dose may be increased to 5.0 mg once a day. If the antihypertensive response to indapamide is insufficient, lozol (indapamide) can be combined with other antihypertensive drugs, with careful monitoring of blood pressure. It is recommended that the usual dose of other agents should be reduced by 50% during initial combination therapy. As the blood pressure reaction becomes apparent, further dosage adjustments may be required. In general, doses of 5.0 mg or more may not provide an additional effect on blood pressure or heart failure, but there is associated with a greater degree of hypokalemia. Clinical minimum trial experience in patients with doses of more than 5.0 mg once a day.

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