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Highly appreciated Herbal supplement for weight loss, used by men to achieve their goals in reducing their body weight and enjoying a healthier life. Natural products with herbs, vitamins and root extracts, Silmonil, help men burn fat a lot faster than with the normal exercise. It also reduces the appetite for food that leading to a two way method of losing weight.

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Common use

Commonly used by men to combat the gain of extra pounds and very reliable in helping them burn more fat in a fast period of time and in the end, help them lose weight safe, in a natural way  and with no risks involved. Based on plants, Silmonil Men is a very helpful remedy specially designed to fight obesity and the extra pounds.

Dosage and directions

Slimonil Men is a natural supplement used as a remedy for the extra pounds, therefore, it can be administrated at any hour of the day, preferably between meals. The daily dosage might vary from one user to another depending on their body mass, their age and other factors. Seeking medical guidance or nutritional consulting are the best methods to determine the right dose for you. The caps should be administrated with water and not chewed or swallowed directly.


Make sure to eat something ahead of taking Slimonil because taken on an empty stomach might cause some forms of stomach aches. Clean your hands and follow the daily exercise and diet during treatment with Slimonil. The products works perfect when hand in hand with a healthy diet and exercise.


If you suffer for sever heart problems or diabetes, it’s safe to ask your physician ahead of taking Slimonil Men. The product is not for consumption by patients younger than 14 years old. Pregnant women are forbidden from using this product.

Possible side effects

Since it’s a natural remedy for losing weight and a herbal supplement which helps the patient to control the body mass, no side effects have been reported so far. However, some forms of stomach aches, sensation of vomiting or nausea can occur if Slimonil Men is used improperly or on an empty stomach.

Missed dose

If you fail to take a dose simply proceed with taking it the next thing you remember or in case the next period of administration is close, simply continue with taking it then and skip the missed dose. If you miss a dose for more than 24 hours, simply continue taking the pills according to your schedule and skip the missed dose/doses.

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