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Spiriva is an anticholinergic agent, it widens breathing passages and is used treat breathing difficulties caused by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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Dosage regimen

Prescribe 1 capsule / day at the same time in the form of inhalations using the HandiHaler® inhaler. The drug should not be swallowed. Spiriva should not be used more than 1 time / day. Spiriva capsules should only be used with a HandiHaler® inhaler. Elderly patients should take the drug in the recommended doses. In case of impaired renal function, patients can use the drug Spiriva® in the recommended doses. However, careful monitoring of patients with moderate or severe renal insufficiency receiving the drug Spiriva® is necessary (as is the case with other drugs excreted mainly by the kidneys). Patients with hepatic insufficiency can take the drug in the recommended doses. How to use the HandiHaler® inhaler The HandiHaler® inhaler is designed specifically for the use of Spiriva and is not intended for taking other medications. The patient can use his HandiHaler® for one year. The inhaler includes: dust cap, mouthpiece, base, piercing button, central chamber. Using the HandiHaler® inhaler: Open the dust cap by pressing the piercing button completely and then releasing it.Fully open the dust cap by lifting it up; then open the mouthpiece by lifting it up.Immediately before use, remove the Spiriva capsule from the blister and put it in the central chamber (it does not matter which side the capsule is placed in the chamber).Close the mouthpiece tightly until it clicks, leave the dust cap open.Holding the HandiHaler® with the mouthpiece up, press the piercing button once to the end and then release; thus, an opening is formed through which the drug is released from the capsule during inhalation.Exhale completely; never exhale into the mouthpiece.Take the HandiHaler® into your mouth and squeeze your lips tightly around the mouthpiece; holding your head straight, inhale slowly and deeply, but at the same time with enough force to hear or feel the vibration of the capsule; inhale until the lungs are completely filled; then hold your breath as long as possible and take the HandiHaler® out of your mouth; continue to breathe calmly; repeat procedures 6 and 7 to completely empty the capsule.Next, open the mouthpiece again, take out and discard the used capsule. Close the mouthpiece and dust cap. Cleaning the HandiHaler® inhaler HandiHaler® cleaning should be carried out once a month. To do this, open the mouthpiece and dust cap, then open the base of the device by lifting the piercing button. Rinse the inhaler thoroughly in warm water until the powder is completely removed. HandiHaler® should be wiped with a paper towel and left to dry in the air for 24 hours with the mouthpiece, base and dust cap open. After cleaning in the specified way, the device is ready for subsequent use. If necessary, the outer surface of the mouthpiece can be cleaned with a damp, but not wet cloth. Opening the blister Separate the blister strip along the perforated line. Open the blister strip immediately before use so that one capsule is fully visible. The capsule contains a small amount of powder, so it is not completely filled. If the capsule was accidentally opened and exposed to air, it should not be used. Neither the device nor the blister capsules should be exposed to high temperatures, exposure to sunlight.

Side effect

From the side of metabolism: dehydration*. From the digestive system: often (≥1% and <10%) – dry mouth, usually mild; infrequently (≥0.1% and <1%) – stomatitis, constipation, gastroesophageal reflux; rarely (≥0.01% and <0.1%) – oropharyngeal candidiasis, gingivitis, glossitis; intestinal obstruction, including paralytic ileus, dysphagia. From the respiratory system: infrequently (≥0.1% and <1%) – dysphonia, cough, pharyngitis; rarely (≥0.01% and <0.1%) – periodoxic bronchospasm, laryngitis, sinusitis, nosebleed. From the cardiovascular system: infrequently (≥0.1% and <1%) – atrial fibrillation; rarely (≥0.01% and <0.1%) – tachycardia (including supraventricular tachycardia), palpitations. From the urinary system: infrequently (≥0.1% and <1%) – difficulty urinating and urinary retention (in men with predisposing factors), dysuria; rarely (≥0.01% and <0.1%) – urinary tract infections. Allergic reactions: infrequently (≥0.1% and <1%) – rash; rarely (≥0.01% and <0.1%) – urticaria, itching, hypersensitivity reactions, including immediate type reactions, angioedema*. From the skin: skin infections and ulcers on the skin, dry skin*. From the musculoskeletal system: swelling of the joints*. From the nervous system: infrequently (≥0.1% and <1%) – dizziness; rarely (≥0.01% and <0.1%) – insomnia. From the side of the organ of vision: infrequently (≥0.1% and <1%) – blurred vision; rarely (≥0.01% and <0.1%) – increased intraocular pressure, glaucoma. * in the combined database of clinical trials, these adverse reactions were not identified; only isolated reports of these adverse reactions were noted with widespread use of the drug, however, the connection with the m-holinoblocking effect of the drug Spiriva® not proven; the frequency of these rare phenomena is difficult to estimate.

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