Tentex Forte

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Tentex Forte improves libido and erection, increases sexual stamina.

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Dosage regimen

In functional sexual disorders accompanied by a weak erection, the drug is prescribed 2 tab. 2 times / day (in the morning and in the evening for 0.5-1 hours before bedtime), washed down with milk or tea. To restore sexual activity after suffering from somatic diseases – 2 tab. 2 times / day, washed down with milk or tea, for 3-4 weeks, then – as needed. With weak sexual activity in older men – 2 tab. 2 times / day for 45-50 days. The course of treatment should be repeated every 6 months.

Indications of the drug Tentex® forte

Functional disorders of the sexual sphere in men, manifested by a decrease in libido (sexual desire), insufficient erection, premature ejaculation (shortening of sexual intercourse). Secondary impotence after somatic diseases. Sexual weakness in older men.


Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, arterial hypertension, severe atherosclerosis, chronic kidney disease, heart failure.

Side effects

Allergic reactions (the drug is canceled and, if necessary, desensitizing therapy is carried out), an increase in blood pressure (reduce the dose, and, if necessary, cancel the drug).


Combined use with the Chemcolin cream (topically) enhances the therapeutic effect.

31 reviews for Tentex Forte

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